(Combined Insurance - Casco)

Insure your car with Ankabay Insurance.

Your car, and of course those of you who use it, face many dangers every day.Ankabay Insurance is assuring your vehicle against a lot of damage and loss from traffic accidents to theft. - In addition, the amount of physical and material damages that may be given to third parties during usage is covered by the limits stated in the policy. İn case of death of the owners and the passengers of the vehicle compensation will be paid to beneficiaries. The Insurance Guarantee provided with the Combined Insurance policy, together with all accessories, guarantees your vehicle against the following damage and loss.

Damage to the vehicle

Whether the movement is in a standstill, if the vehicle owner or the driver of the vehicle is injured by a fixed or moving object due to sudden and external influences, or if the vehicle is hit by such accidents, collisions, tumbling, falling, intentions or prank movements will compensate for the consequential damages.

Burning of the vehicle

The damage caused by a fire or an explosion in the event of an accident mentioned above is covered by insurance.

Theft of The Vehicle or Attempted Stolen

Attempt to steal or theft of your car, or damages to the radio, tape, telephone and other accessories that are stolen from your car are included to the insurance guarantee. The price of the vehicle to be insured is determined according to the Casco Value List Prepared by the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey. Newly purchased latest model vehicles are considered for the invoice amount. The amount of equipment and accessories such as radio tape, telephone, television, air conditioner which will be included in the Casco Insurance Guarantee is also determined. In the automobile insurance that is made for a year, the value of the vehicle is protected by giving protection from inflation so that the insurance prices initially determined do not fall below the market value due to inflation during the year.The insured who does not receive any claim for damages during the insurance period is subject to a reduction of the damage at varying rates for each year.Casco Insurance, is valid within the borders of Turkey. This guarantee can be obtained by paying additional premium if the insurance is requested to be valid abroad.

Life Insurance,
In the event of an accident at the end of an accident, Beneficiaries are paid in this guarantee limit.

Permanent Disability,
If the insured is permanently disabled in the event of an accident, the insured shall be paid according to the disability rate in this guarantee limit.

Treatment Costs,
If the insured is injured in the event of an accident, medical and other expenses of the treatment is taken under these guarantees.

Physical Damages (Per Person),
is the payment of the accidental damage to the victim, within the limit specified in this guarantee.

Body Damages (Per Accident),
If more than one person is injured in an incident, in this case, the limit of this guarantee for the whole of the damage is the maximum limit, at the same time the limit specified in the Per Person Bodies Damage guarantee, indicates the upper limit to be paid for damages that individuals see alone.

Material Damages,
Insures the liability of the material damage which the insured has given to the Third Parties due to its business activities.

Optional Guarantees
Devices installed in the vehicle,
it is to insure devices in vehicles (air conditioner, radio, tape, mobile phone, accessories, etc.) against the risk of automobile accidents in motor vehicles with full insurance.

Cargo loaded in car,
it is to insure cargo belonging to the owner of the vehicle against the risk of automobile insurance in motor vehicles with full insurance.

Outside the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey,
The work accident that the Emplyee faced Outside the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey is covered by this guarantee. Treatment costs are insured in case of injury in an accident, and other medical expenses of the treatment is taken under these guarantees.

Strike, Lockout, Confusion, Public Movements,
Whether it has caused the fire or not, all losses directly resulting from the insured things as a result of strikes, lockouts, business disputes, commotion or events that occur during the popular movements and the interventions made by the competent bodies to prevent and mitigate these incidents, were added to this guarantee.

All damages have been added to the cover, except for the fire and explosion result which directly occurred in the interventions made by the competent bodies to prevent and mitigate these incidents with the malicious act of any person other than the procedure and the fringe of the insured and the insured without regard to the events specified in clauses of the Public Movements, Maltreatment, Strike, Lockout.

Terrorism, Terrorist acts and sabotage arising from these acts and all damages coming from fire and explosion resulting from the military and disciplinary measures required by them, have been added to the guarantee.

-Closed Garage
-Lots of vehicle
-Government offices


Traffic Insurance from Ankabay Insurance

Traffic insurance is a legal obligation.Guarantee limits may vary depending on the type of vehicle and the occupants involved in the vehicle.It meets the fatal or injurious damages and property damages given to third parties in the event that the vehicle owner or those engaged in professional activities related to the vehicles are responsible for the operation of the vehicles within the territory of the country within the provisions of the Highway Traffic Law.The Traffic Insurance covers the following cases:

This insurance also covers the costs of first-aid, inspection, control, hospital, clinic or other treatment and treatment of injured persons if the car injures others.

If the insured vehicle causes the death of others, the losses of the inheritors who are deprived of financial support due to death and the funeral expenses of the deceased are covered in the insurance limits.The financial damages that other people give to the property or the vehicle during the operation of the vehicle are also compensated within the insurance limits.

Vehicle owners who do not see their traffic insurance limits sufficient can raise these limits by having their vehicles covered by the insurance of the Voluntary Financial Liability Insurance.It is compulsory for the the traffic registered vehicle owners with the tools that allowed to supervise parking and garage operators, utilities, repairs and maintenance of that workshop, service station operators, utilities engaged in the purchase and sale of the galleries, the auto dealers, to have traffic insurance.


Depending on your need for insurance against fire risk you can choose from the following:
- Security Insurance of Your Home
- Security Insurance of Your Business
- Fuel Station Insurance
- Hotel, Motel and Resorts Insurance


Depending on your need for insurance against engineering risks, you can choose from the following:

Construction All Risks Insurance

Is your Construction insured against all risks? There can be unexpected accidents in all areas of construction activities.Do not think about the damages that may arise from the time the required material arrives at the construction site until the construction is taken into operation. Relax, and let your construction be insured in Ankabay Insurance.

What will be covered by Construction All Risks Insurance?Construction of all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, warehouses, towers, etc. are insured.Call the technical staff of Ankabay Insurance.Do a risk analysis and assessment at your construction site.They will prepare for you a full and accurate premium account.

-Air Vehicle Crash,
-Earthquake, land subsidence, Rockfall
-Flood, rain, snow, avalanches, storm
-Theft, sabotage, carelessness, Labor Error
-Optional guarantees

Installation All Risk Insurance

Your Installation Against All Risks,

Is Insured? If you want to assemble the machines and equipments in all kinds of construction finished buildings in safe hands, be sure to take care of this issue. Always have the confidence to protect labor and capital in the best way. A wide range of risks that can be caused by technical and human factors are guaranteed, be insured in Ankabay Insurance.

Ankabay Insurance, "Installation All Risk Insurance" guarantees all risks with a policy and also the amount that you determine in line with your needs.

What Is Insured with Installation All Risk Insurance?

All types of construction are completed in sanitary installation, electrical installation, elevator, boiler, pump, compressor, generator and so on. machinery and equipment, textile, metal, chemistry, printing, etc. the installation of systems that you will use in industrial areas are insured.

Call the technical staff of Ankabay Insurance and let them provide support for damage prevention and reliability issues by reviewing your installation work on site.

Fire, Lightning, Explosion,
Air Vehicle Crash,
Earthquake, land subsidence, Rockfall
Flood, rain, snow, avalanches, storm
Theft, sabotage, Labor Error, Neglect
Optional guarantees


Your Machines,

The most basic tools of your business… Your Facilities, the lifeblood of your production… Your machines and facilities are always at risk. Sometimes, while in normal operation, they can sometimes remain in the same workplace during a cleaning, revision, or relocation failure or breakage. Do you think the size of the damage that you may suffer in these situations? You must look confidently to the future to improve your business. Let your valuable machines and facilities be insured in Ankabay Insurance.

Ankabay Insurance, Machine Breaking Insurance insures all risks with a policy and also the amount that you determine in line with your needs.

What is insured with the Machine Breakage Insurance?

- All kinds of pumps, compressors, transformers, generators and so on. machines, cooling systems, treatment systems, heating-ventilation systems, textile metallurgy, paper, cement, etc. your machines in industrial areas are insured.

Call Ankabay Insurance's specialist engineer staff. Let them examine your facility on place and offer you the most suitable price and guarantees.


Your Electronic Devices,

The indispensable means of everyday life. These appliances, which we use very often in our homes, offices, workplaces, hospitals, examination rooms, always face a variety of risks.- A little thoughtfulness or a malicious act may lead to increased destruction or deterioration of these expensive devices.Let our electronic devices which are the main part of our business, everyday life and hobbies, be insured in Ankabay Insurance.

Ankabay Insurance, "Electronic Device Insurance" assures all the risks with a policy, as well as the amount that you will determine in line with your needs.

What is covered by Electronic Device Insurance?

-Computer Systems (Computing Devices, Personal Computers)
-Officially Used Devices (Photocopy, Telefax, Telephone System etc.)
-Communication Systems (Radio-TV Systems, Telecommunication Devices)
-Medical Electronic Devices (X-ray, Ultrasonography, Tomography etc.)
-Industrial Measurement Control Systems
-Test and Laboratory Instruments are Insured.
-Neglect of Business Personnel or Third Parties
-Incorrect Design, Incorrect Material
-Electrical Disturbances (Short Circuit, Overvoltage)
-Fire, Lightning, Explosion
-Soil Sliding, Moisture Impact
-Smog, Soot, Dim
-Storm, Water flood
-Optional guarantees
-Express Shipping, Overtime Wages
-Valves and tubes,
-Alternative Use (For Equipment Leased Due to Malfunction)
-External Information Environment (Magnetic Bands and Disks)
-Mobile and Portable Devices
-Strike, Lockout, Chaos, Public Movements and Malicious Movements, Terror



Depending on your need for insurance against engineering risks, you can choose from the following:

Let us carry your cargo,

Your load is moving from one place to another starting from production, until the consumer's liking.And many dangers follow it. Do you know you do not have to endure all these risks?

Ankabay Insurance's "Cargo Transport Insurance", secures the risks that the goods will encounter during transportation.The Cargo Transport Insurance covers land, sea and railways, and today it has been expanded to include some commercial dangers as well as the dangers arising from the natural qualities of the goods.

There are two different types of Cargo Transport Insurance covering all the other dangers, one against the wastes and the damages that can be caused by an accident that the vehicle will be subjected to.

Full or partial damage as a result of the sinking, seizure, confliction, burning and overthrow of the ship in the sea and related rescue and common average costs.

Full or partial damage to land, truck or train collision, overturning, burning, strike or out of the way, lightning, sailing, stream overflow, avalanche, soil or mountain landslide, bridges collapsing or downfall.Load transfer dangers excluded in transfer by road, may be added to this narrowly comprehensive insurance if desired.

Comprehensive Cargo Transport Insurances cover all dangers, generally without vehicle separation (ship, truck, train, airplane), but,

-loss and damage according to the insured's intentional act
-Ordinary flow, wastage, wear or tear
-Loss and damages according to latent defects or quality of goods.
-Loss or damage to goods that can be loaded into the packaging failure.
-Loss or damage caused by delay.
-War, strike, confusion and dangers of popular movements can also be optionally insured.

Even if the Cargo Transport Insurances are carried out by means of voyage, it is also difficult to inform each time for the insured who have continuous shipment. In order to overcome this difficulty, insurance policies are made in transportation insurance and the negativities such as notifications, late notification and forgotten are eliminated. Premium bonus is also made taking into account the damage-to-premium ratio at the end of the period.



Your Boat may also have Ankabay Insurance,

Your boat or commercial marine vehicle is under the threat of numerous risks in the seas… If you want your marine vehicle to go safely, we look forward to you at Ankabay Insurance.

Ankabay Insurance has been a leader in boat insurance for many years.They insure dry bulk carriers, bulk carriers, ro-ro ships, ferries, crude oil and fuel tankers, chemical carrier ships and passenger ships and other marine vehicles such as tugs, floating cranes and floating ponds in accordance with international standards. The most favorable conditions for boat insurance are determined by the standards of the British market and Lloyd's, the international leaders in this regard.

Guarantees Covered by Boat Insurance
-Flaming, Inflamation
-Stranding, Fencing, Seating
-Storm, Being Alabora
-Conflict with another ship or boat
-Responsibility born from conflict
-Costs of rescue born from Guaranteed Risks
-Sue and Labour Charges
-Common Damage and Costs
-The Hidden Defect in the Tape and Machines
-Damage to the boat during loading or unloading
-War and Strike Risks